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Made in America!

About The Twiddler

So What Is It?
The Twiddler is primarily a portable desk toy. Its unique interaction with the hands and fingers, however, suggests that it might benefit those trying to improve their manual dexterity (like piano and guitar players; anyone that needs faster, more limber hands). The relaxing and repetitive action of rolling it across the fingertips will also likely help the bored traveler kill time, a busy student focus on a lecture, a stumped coder fix his program, and could even help that business-person mull over a tough decision. It's uses are endless as a toy and also a tool.
As a tool, The Twiddler can be used as a thinking device for writers; time killer for the office-goer; a concentration 'fidget' in class; poker-intimidation tool; a therapeutic toy; pre-magic show warm up; stress-relieving device; a fun stocking stuffer; a great graduation or office gift, an addition to your other fun desk toys and so much more!
Perhaps the best use for The Twiddler is in the office. It makes a great office toy, and is small and portable so you can hide it quickly when your boss rolls around. It can help you think, keeping your hands busy while your mind focuses on work. This is one of the best desk toys the world has seen in a while - and it's taking the world by storm.

The uses and possibilities are limitless.

The Twiddler can be used in many ways, but perhaps it's best primary use, is to be played with. And how does that work? You simply roll the Twiddler back and forth between your fingers.

And how is it made?

Each one of these desk toys are laser cut with precision out of high quality pieces of ABS plastic, right here in the United States. This means each twiddler is durable and ready for most things you throw at it. So long as you don't step on it/run it over with a car/etc. (Actually, stepping on it seemed to be OK in our test video - you can check it out on our YouTube)

Twiddlers are shipped in two parts and disassemble easily; this allows us to save on shipping costs and offer you the lowest price possible for this fun toy. Every twiddler is pocket sized due to this extreme portability and can be taken anywhere.

What do you do with The Twiddler? Roll it between your fingers; roll it between your toes; roll it on your nose - the best part about the twiddler is that its so versatile! Play with it however you want! If you're ready to buy one of these desk toys then go right ahead! We won't stop you. We encourage it, actually. It's just too much fun to pass up.

In the future, these desk toys will be injection molded from a special kind of plastic called POM (polyoxymethylene). POM will give these office toys better durability and feel in the hands. Plus, since they will be injection molded, it means we can offer The Twiddler in tons of fun different colors! We're not quite there yet, but be sure to check back on our website for updates on our selection of office toys. It will be updated by the end of the year, and we'll be doing another kickstarter campaign.

Patent Pending.

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